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About Us

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Our Story

We’re a family who lives in Kansas.

  • Stacey – Dad
  • Angela – Mom
  • Evander – Son
  • Marley – Daughter

Stacey’s parents and grandparents kept rabbits as pets and raised rabbits on and off his entire life, that’s 50+ Years of first-hand rabbit experience.

Our family had rabbits before the kids were born, and since then we’ve added more pet bunnies that live both outside and inside.

On our website, you’ll find articles from most of us, though most will be from Stacey, and very few from Angela, as she spends most of her time writing for her excellent ketogenic diet website.

Stacey comes from an engineering background and the bunny articles you find here are going to be a nice mix of first-hand experience & data driving research.


~ The Rabbit Pros Team