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Recommended Rabbit Feeders & Waterers

Rabbit Eating

These are small purchases, but essential bunny equipment.

Recommended Rabbit Feeders

I’m going to give you two options here:

  • 2 in 1 Feeder For Both Hay & Pellets
  • Separate Hay and Pellet Feeders

I prefer separate feeders, but it depends on how much room you have in your bunny’s living space.

Best 2 in 1 Rabbit Feeder

We prefer wall-hung feeders over bowls because it seems to discourage our bunnies from digging in their pellets and making a huge mess. In addition, you can wall-hung feeders can be hung over their litter box which will contain poop as they eat and help with litter training.

I like this feeder because it securely holds the hay (which we give our bunnies unlimited access to) limiting the mess they can make.

This feeder can be attached on the wire side of your bunny’s living space, which allows you to get it up off the floor which will help discourage your bunny from scratching out food.

The pellet bowl is deep enough for an appropriate serving, and also deep enough to discourage your bunny from digging in the pellets.

Best Separate Rabbit Feeders

As I said above, I personally prefer separate feeders for hay and pellets.

This preference is primarily based on hay feeding. A stand-alone hay feeder that is well designed will have many small holes that will entertain and stimulate your bunny as they eat as well as help contain a hay mess.

For a pellet feeder, I like a wall-mounted feeder.

I avoid the standard ‘bin’ style feeder that holds way more pellets than my bunny needs in a single feeding.

The bowl-style feeders below are great because they mount securely to your wire cage at any height that works for your little guy. You want it high enough that they can’t easily dig in the pellets, but not so high that they can’t reach their food.

Best Custom Rabbit Feeder

Photo Credit: CarrotCastle On Etsy

If budget isn’t a huge concern, I can’t recommend these custom-made feeders enough. CarrotCastle sells these handmade bunny feeders on Etsy, and they are amazing.

They are well made and keep your bunny’s hay (and sometimes pellets) right over their litter box. This setup greatly helps contain messes as bunnies often poop while eating. It also helps with litterbox training as they just get used to ‘going’ in their litterbox.

P.S. Be sure to get a feeder/litterbox that is appropriately sized for your pet rabbit. When you visit their shop on Etsy, you’ll be able to the pictures of previous purchasers and their bunnies in the boxes to help you gauge size.

Recommended Rabbit Waterers

There are three choices for rabbit waterers: Drip, Bowl, Wall Mounted Bowl, and Wall Mounted Gravity Fed Bowl.

I hate drip waterers. They leak. They say don’t link, but they lie. And some rabbits seem to enjoy just draining the water out for fun. I hate them.

What about bowls?

Even the cutest rabbits are notorious for flipping any bowls that are in the sleeping space. Usually sometime in the middle of the night. 😞 

It’s annoying when they flip a bowl of pellets, and really annoying when it’s water all over the place.

Our outdoor rabbits get water in bowls.

Our indoor rabbits get water that is securely fastened to the walls of their living space to avoid a grumpy daddy.

When considering a wall-mounted waterer, remember that ‘securely’ term. Many bowls just hook over a wire on the side of the cage. That’s a looser design and I think it just helps the bunny get leverage to throw the bowl further. 😅 😂 🤣

If you want just a bowl, use the second one from the pellet feeder recommendation above. It’s securely mounted which is nice, but it doesn’t hold a lot of water.

I tend to error on the side of too much water for my rabbits. As a kid, I had a series of unfortunate events associated with summer heat, water, and rabbits. I’ll never make that mistake again.

I like the waterer below because it is secure with enough of a reservoir to make sure no one goes thirsty, yet small enough of a drinking blow to discourage playing in the water.

I also like that the water reservoir can be mounted outside of the cage making it way easier to change the water.

I’m not a big fan of it only coming in pink or baby blue, but what are you going to do?