100+ Name Ideas For Your Flemish Giant Bunny

100+ Name Ideas For Your Flemish Giant Bunny

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Flemish Giant Doe ***

Finding the perfect name idea for you new Flemish Giant rabbit isn’t a task to be taken lightly.

The perfect name helps define your new pet’s personality and your relationship for years to come.

Before we jump to the ultimate list of Flemish Giant name ideas, let’s talk about three pet naming principles that will help you through the naming process.

Tips For Naming Your Flemish Giant Bunny

#1 – Don’t Limit Your New Pet Rabbit To Just One Name!

This sounds silly, but think about it for a minute.

How many names to you have?

Most people have three and some have even more, so think the same way for your new pal.

You could even include a nickname is his complete moniker!

#2 – Have a Less Formal Version Of Your Rabbits Name.

If your rabbits name is very formal feeling…you know, something that his friends call him.

For example, if your Flemish Giant’s name is “Sir Reginald Flops”, his name to friends might just be Reggie.

#3 – Pick A Name That Will Be Fun When Introducing Your Pet Rabbit To Friends.

You are going to be introducing your new pal to lots of friends and family, and a fun name makes the introduction an event that everyone will remember.

Have fun with it, and practice your introductions!

Ultimate List of Flemish Giant Rabbit Name Ideas

Full NameShortened NameMeaning
Diana PrinceAnnaWonder Woman’s real name
GigaGDerived from Greek word For Giant
BrunhildeHildaGerman Warrior Princes
FlandersFlanThe Flemish are the inhabitants of Flanders in northern Belgium.
Attila The BunAttilaA play on “Attila the Hun”
Brienne of ____________BrieA large female warrior from Game of Thrones
Queen OlgaOlgaFamous Rus Warrior Queen
Rubeus HagridHagridA large character from Harry Potter
Andrea the GiantAndreaProfessional wrestler
FezzikFez or FezziGiant from Princes Bride
Sir Reginald FlopsReggieN/A
Lady Ratilda FlopsTildaN/A
NyarlathotepNyFrom HP Lovecraft
AnakimGiants from the Old Testament
GoliathFrom The Book Of Samual
GibborimGibbsHebrew for Mightiest
NephilimNepFrom the Book of Genesis
NimrodNimMight Biblical King
OgKing from The Book of Numbers
Cewri BunCewriWelch Giant
Bran The BlessedBranGiant King in Welch Mythology
GogmagogGogWelch Giant
BalorIrish Supernatural Giant
Argus PanoptesArgusGreek Giant
AthosGreek Gigantes
Tiny TimTimFunny
Might MikeMikeFunny
AtlasGreek Titan
TitanGreek Mythology
RheaGreek Titan Goddess
PhoebeGreek Titan
BrobdingnagBrobGiant from Gulliver’s Travels
Paul BunnyanPaulPlay on Paul Bunyan
HurtalyLegendary Giant
Kua FuChinese Giant
Ellert and BrammertNetherlander’s Giants
ButtersColor Based Name
ButterscotchColor Based Name
Samwise GamgeeSamHobbit from Lord Of The Rings
WafflesFood Based Name
Einstein Appearance Name
Einsteinia (Female)Appearance Name
DumboAppearance Name
HenryFun Name
HarrietFun Name
King Henry the VIIIFun Name
Prince HenryFun Name
AmandFlemish Name
ArneFlemish Name
BeelFlemish Name
BellonBellFlemish Name
BruunFlemish Name
NoorFlemish Name
DaanFlemish Name
MilanFlemish Name
FienFlemish Name
LoorFlemish Name
LotteFlemish Name
BasFlemish Name
BramFlemish Name
KobeFlemish Name
LenaFlemish Name
BommaFlemish For Grandmother
BompaFlemish For Grandpa
BellaBellMeans Beauty
SnowballAppearance Name
Buggz BunnyFunny Name
Bugsy SiegelAmerican Gangster
LillyApperance Name
ThumperBunny In Bambi
DaisyAppearance Name
Bun BunFunny Name
SparkleFunny Name
TrixyFunny Name
Dizzy Funny Name
LocoFunny Name
NutsFunny Name
BerriesFunny Name
Boo BooFunny Name
GingerAppearance Name
Racing RoxanneRoxyFun Name
SnuglesFunny Name
Cha ChaFunny Name
Dapper DanDanFunny Name
Debbie DangerDebFunny Name
Princesses PaulaFun Name
NinjaFunny Name
NoodlesFunny Name
HugoAppearance Name
LolitaFunny Name
LollyFunny Name
Marvelous Ms MableMableTV Show Character
Fabulous PhilisPhilisFunny Name
Betty Bunny WhiteBettyPlay On Comedian Name
Carol BunnetCarolPlay On Comedian Name
Lucille BallComedian Name
Silly SamSamFunny Name
Furry Flippy FoxFlipFunny Name
Foxy FriedaFoxyFunny Name
GiganoidGigFunny Name
ZoodlesFunny Name
YoohooFunny Name
WaddlesFunny Name
Ultimate List of Name Ideas For Flemish Giant Rabbit

Did You Find Your New Flemish Giants Name On Our List?

If you didn’t find the perfect name idea for your new bunny on our list, please take moment to share your bunny’s name in the comments below.


*** Image Attribution – By Lithonius at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5000931


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