Alaska Rabbit Breed - With pictures and videos

Alaska Rabbit Breed – With pictures and videos

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The Alaska Rabbit was not found in Alaska, instead, it is a developed breed from the early 1900s. Bred to be an imitation of the Alaskan Fox’s coat, the result morphed into the beautiful pitch-black fur known today. This rabbit is a rather rare breed but is kept as both a pet and fur producer.

The Alaska Rabbit is a stunning bunny with a thick and beautiful jet black coat. While originally developed as a production rabbit, it now primarily enjoys the status of a companion rabbit though it’s an uncommon breed that can be difficult to find.

Now let’s learn more about this wonderful rabbit breed.

We’ll start with a table of the characters of the Alaska Rabbit breed and then we’ll dig into the details about this beautiful rabbit including its history, personality, where to buy an Alaska Rabbit, and so much more.

Ailura, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Table Of Characteristics For The Alaska Rabbit Breed

Alternative NamesNone
Fur ColorsBlack
Mature SizeMedium
Mature Weight7 to 9 Pounds
Life Span7 to 10 Years
Ear TypeErect
Fur TypeShort
Country Of OriginGermany
Breed OrganizationNone
Average Cost$30 to $60
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The Origin Of The Alaska Rabbit Breed

While tracking the origin of rabbit breeds can be quite difficult, most rabbit pros agree on the origin of the Alaska Rabbit Breed.

The Alaska Rabbit breed was developed in Germany in the early 1900s. Two local breeders crossbred Duch Rabbits, Havanas, Himalayans, and others trying to develop a bunny that looked like the beautiful Alaskan Fox which is dark black with long silver fur. They failed but created the beautiful jet back Alaska Rabbit.

This breed of rabbit was introduced to North America through Canada in the 1970s and was soon added to the American Rabbit Breeders Association‘s list of recognized rabbit breeds.

However, the Alaska Rabbit was removed from the list of recognized breeds in 1981 because they just didn’t become popular enough in North America as a production rabbit or pet bunny. Another reason that the Alaska Rabbit was removed from the ARBA Standards is that it was basically replaced by the Black Rex Rabbit which is ironic as the Alaska Rabbit was used to develop the Black Rex.

It’s worth noting that the Alaska Rabbit is more popular in Europe and remains on the list of recognized breeds maintained by the British Rabbit Council.

Alaska Rabbit Personality

Alaska rabbits are friendly and sweet bunnies that make great pets for adults and children. They are a medium-sized rabbit that is not aggressive or onery and therefore make good pets even for families with small children.

You have to remember that rabbits are like people in that they all of their own personalities. Just because this breed is generally calm, individual rabbits can break the stereotype.

Alaska Rabbits And Children

Alaska rabbits are good pets for children because they are calm medium-sized rabbits. Rabbits of this size make good pets for small children because they are large enough to be more sturdy than their dwarf cousins, but small enough to be less likely to hurt the kids if they get scared.

While these gentle rabbits make as good pets for kids as any rabbit does, rabbits are still not great pets for very small kids.

Rabbits are prey animals and as such are easily scared. When a rabbit gets scared it will do anything necessary to flee, and that includes kicking to getaway. Rabbits kick surprisingly hard and they have nails designed for digging through hard ground. Those nails will do a number on a young child’s skin.

The other truth about pet rabbits that you need to consider when small children are around is that rabbits are pretty fragile. That means that a small child could seriously hurt a rabbit entirely by accident.

Are Alaska Rabbits Rare?

Alaska rabbits aren’t endangered like many of the rare rabbits, but they are uncommon in North America where they are difficult to find. They are more common in Europe where they are recognized by the British Rabbit Society.

Alaska Rabbits Cost

Alaska Rabbits are not expensive rabbits because they are not in great demand. When you can find a breeder of Alaska Rabbits in the USA, they normally cost between $30 and $70 dollars. In Europe they are more common and less expensive.

Alaska Rabbits For Sale Near Me

The Rabbit Pros website is mostly aimed at the American audience, and we had no luck finding US breeders of Alaska Rabbits.

If you are a US breeder of Alaska Rabbits join our email list and then email us your details. We’ll get you listed in this section of the article.



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