2021 Best Bunny Rabbit PlayPens - Indoor & Outdoor

2021 Best Bunny Rabbit PlayPens – Indoor & Outdoor

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A rabbit playpen is different than a hutch, cage, or rabbit tractor.  While hutches and cages are a place for your bunny to live, a playpen serves a different purpose.

A rabbit playpen is a place where you can safely play with your bunny without fear of it running away if something scares it. A rabbit playpen is usually portable so you can easily move it to give your bunny new environments to explore while remaining safely contained with in the playpen.

A Rabbit Playpen Should Be:

  1. Secure
  2. Portable
  3. Cleanable

Time in this play area is a great opportunity for you to bond with your rabbit while she gets exercise and the joy of exploring new areas.

Top 3 Rabbit Playpen Reviews for 2022

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We’ll start with the best playpen for rabbits, and then go through two runners-up.

1. ESK Collection Puppy / Rabbit Playpen

Our daughter in this playpen with her bunny.

This exercise pin is our top choice for 2021.  We wanted a bunny pen that our eleven-year-old daughter could easily set up and take down that would give her a safe and secure place to play with her new Holland Lop Bunny.  This checked all the boxes.

The best small rabbit playpen for indoors or outdoors.

The problem with wire rabbit playpens is the wire. It has to be close enough together that a small bunny can’t sneak out (they need less space than you think) and the wire has to be ridged enough to assure that they won’t get stuck between the wires.

This cloth playpen avoids those problems.

The pen is roughly 48 inches in diameter and 24 inches tall.  The top and bottom panels easily come on and off with secure zippers that are seamless.

The cloth is washable and water-resistant.

The only big downside to this playpen is that it is in no way predator-proof, but no playpen really is.  If you have a dog that’s not well mannered, I’d make sure that this playpen is in a well-protected area. { Click Here to see price on Amazon >> }

2. Kaytee Small Animal Pet-N-Play Pen

This is our favorite wire rabbit exercise pen for 2019.  It made the list because the wires are really close together, so even smaller bunnies will have difficulty escaping.

Each panel is 29 inches tall and 18 inches wide.  The protective plastic mat that comes with the cage is 47 inches by 55 inches, giving you a play area over 16 square feet.

The downside of this playpen is that the wires are not very ridged and a rabbit can force his head between the wires if unattended. { Click here to see price on Amazon >> }

3. AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Pet Exercise and Playpen

This is a great cage for a great price if your bunny isn’t too small.

Made of good strong steel wire with a rust-resistant coating it’s solid and will last for years.  The gates are nice and lock securely.

It’s nice a large, creating a play space for your rabbit of 25 square feet.

However, the wire spacing is roughly an inch and a half, which is big enough for a persistent small breed rabbit to squeeze through.  We’d only recommend this for fully grown larger rabbit breeds. { Click here to see the price on Amazon >> }

How To Choose The Best Bunny Rabbit Playpen

1. Consider Security

Think about where you are going to put the pen.  Is it going to be inside where there are no larger pets around?  Then security isn’t as big of an issue.

But if you are going to put the pen outside, think about the security of the area you’re considering.

Is it fenced?

Are there other animals around?

The greater the threats the more you have to consider security.

Also, don’t forget flying predators.  A small bunny is an easy target for a sharp-eyed hawk, so if there is any chance your bunny will ever be left unattended in their play area, consider getting one with a top netting like our #1 choice.

2. Consider Ease of Assembly and Transportation

You are going to want to move your bunny’s play area.

You will want to move it for more shade on hot days and more protection from the wind on cooler days.

If you sometimes play with your bunny outside, she’s going to enjoy eating fresh grass, so you’ll want to rotate where she’s eating.

And you’ll want to move it around in your yard daily to spread around the wonderful bunny fertilizer that is produced by your sweet bunny.

Look for an exercise pen that can be moved quickly and easily.

3. Consider the Storage Area Required

Unless you’re going to keep it set up year round, consider one that easily stores out of the way so you can use your space when the rabbit is safely in his home.


A rabbit playpen is going to enhance the health and happiness of your bunny while you build a greater bond with your fuzzy friend.

Enjoy your bunny, and if you found this article helpful, please take a moment to let us know in the comments below.  Those comments mean the world to us!



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