Cocoa Puff The Giant Rabbit - Facts And Videos Of Cocoa Puff Rabbit

Cocoa Puff The Giant Rabbit – Facts And Videos Of Cocoa Puff Rabbit

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Cocoa Puff The Giant Rabbit is an internet sensation with over 330,000 followers on Instagram. Cocoa Puff is a 3-year-old 18.5 pound Continental Giant Rabbit who lives cage-free in the home of his family in Seattle Washington.

Cocoa Puff’s fame comes from the adorable pictures the family shares with the world through their Instagram account. The family often shares pictures of Cocoa Puff Rabbit with their young children, which makes Cocoa Puff look huge. I’ve embedded some of those adorable pictures and videos below.

Around those pictures and videos I’m going to answer the most common questions about Cocoa Puff The Rabbit.


What breed is Cocoa Puff The Giant Rabbit?

Cocoa Puff the rabbit is a Continental Rabbit. Many people seem to think he’s a Flemish Giant because conventional wisdom says this is the largest breed of rabbit. However, today both the heaviest and longest rabbits in the world are Continental Rabbits like Cocoa Puff.

Is Cocoa Puff The Largest Rabbit In The World?

Cocoa Puff the rabbit is not the biggest rabbit in the world. As a matter of fact, he’s not even close to being the biggest rabbit! The heaviest rabbit is Ralph, a Continental Rabbit who weighs 55 pounds. Cocoa Puff only ways 18.5. The longest rabbit is Darius who is another Continental Rabbit and he’s over 4 feet long.

Is Cocoa Puff Still Alive?

Cocoa Puff the giant rabbit sadly passed away in 2020. His death was caused by a tumor growing around his heart. His family shared the sad news on Instagram.



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