Is Styptic Powder Safe for Bunny Rabbits? Is there a Natural Alternative?

Is Styptic Powder Safe for Bunny Rabbits?

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Styptic Powder is used to quickly stop bleeding. It’s commonly used on animals for minor cuts but is most often used to stop bleeding from a nail when it’s cut too short and gets into the Quick.  Here is an article we wrote about clipping your bunnies nails.

Is Styptic Powder safe for rabbits? Styptic Powder is perfectly safe to use on your bunny rabbit but there is an even more natural alternative.

What is Styptic Powder?

Styptic Powder {See it on Amazon>} is an astringent  (or hemostatic agent) that acts as a clotting agent to stop bleeding. The astringent nature of styptic Powder causes blood cells to contract, thus preventing further bleeding.

The active ingredient, ferric subsulfate, is allowed by the US National Institute of Health as safe for small animals.

What is a Natural Alternative to Styptic Powder?

If you want a replacement for Styptic Powder you can have a few options.

Corn Starch is not astringent, but it is natural and safe for your pet bunny. It will cake-over the bleeding spot and eventually stop the bleeding, but it will be slow and messy.

Another alternative is a plain old Tea Bag. Tea is astringent and will contract the blood vessels to stop the bleeding fast.  We’ve used this home remedy on ourselves in the past, and it works great but stings pretty bad (ok, it hurts) if used on a larger cut. I doubt its much more painful than the store-bought Styptic Powder.


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