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Recommended Rabbit Beds

First off, bunnies are naturally prey animals, and they need a place where they feel safe to sleep. For some bunnies, in the right home, they feel safe anywhere and can flop in the middle of the living room to sleep.

But even these bunnies need a home-base bed for times when there are visitors or just loud noises.

I believe every rabbit needs an enclosed and dark bed to shelter and sleep in.

You can buy “beds” that are just straw bowls with no top on them. I don’t really think these are beds because they are not enclosed. I do have some of these for some of our outdoor buns because they like to lay in them and watch the world, but they seldom sleep in them.

Whatever you give your bunny as a bed, they will chew on it. That means you don’t want to give your rabbit one of those cute cloth rabbit beds.

Those things are going to get destroyed, and your bun is going to be chewing on whatever they are stuffed with.

Look for natural beds. I like wood or hay rabbit beds.

Recommended Indoor Rabbit Bed

If you’ve read our recommendations for rabbit toys, you’re going to see a repeat here.

Bunnies like to play in tunnels and hideouts, but they also like to sleep in them. Double duty means less $$$!

Keep in mind that these natural bed options are going to get chewed on. The hay one is going to last about a year for most buns.

I also like these hay beds because they don’t need to be filled with any other bedding, which makes them a lot less messy.

Recommended Outdoor Rabbit Bed

If your bunny lives outdoors, then her bed needs to be more robust for her to feel safe and stay warm.

If you have a nice rabbit hutch, it has a sleeping area already. A nice dark waterproof, sleeping area with a small opening is ideal.

If your outdoor hutch doesn’t have a wooden box like that, you could build one that is solid and sized for your bunny (the opening is just big enough for the bunny to enter and exit).

Then we fill the box with timothy hay for bedding and food.

If you don’t want to build a box, then you can buy one. The one below is pretty good. It’s going to be pretty waterproof and the size is about right.

Just make sure it will fit inside of your rabbit cage!

I wouldn’t trust this box to be predator-proof, which means it needs to be entirely inside your rabbit’s cage.