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Recommended Rabbit Toys

Toys for rabbits are things they engage them and keep them entertained. This primarily means things they can climb into, through, under, or on top of. It also includes things they can chew on and things that make them think.

With this in mind we not only need well designed toys, but toys made out of good materials so chewing on this toys isn’t a safety our health risk.

In most categories of Recommended Rabbit Gear, I try to just give you the best option, but since bunnies are best entertained when you have various toys for them to play with, I’m going to include a number of recommendations here.

Best practice with bunny toys is to swap them out regularly. That just means that after a few days with a specific toy, you’ll put it in storage and give your bun a new toy.

Recommended Free Rabbit Toys

You don’t have to buy everything your bunny needs. There are lots of great free toys you can find around your house.

  • Cardboard Box With Holes Cut In It.
  • Empty Toilet Paper Roll. As a bonus, stuff it tight with hay.
  • A Twig From A Tree.
  • Some Hay Tied Into A Hard Knot.
  • A Pinecone.

Recommended Rabbit Toys

If you’ve read my Recommended Rabbit Food page { Click Here To Read >>> }, you know we’re big fans of the Oxbow brand of hay and pellets.

Oxbow also makes some outstanding rabbit toys out of their Timothy Hay. These are well-designed bunny toys made out of high-quality hay that they are going to love to chew on.

Be sure to check the size of each toy. Tunnel size needs to match the size of your sweet bun.

I’m putting these toys in order from my favorite to my least favorite. However, all of them are popular with at least most of our bunnies.

P.S. All of our bunnies have the Timothy Hay Mats. They chew them up and throw them around, but they still last about six months (if you don’t mind them looking pretty ratty by the end).

There are a few other toys that we regularly get for our buns. These aren’t as high quality as the Oxbow ones above, but each has a design feature that really seems to engage our bunnies.

P.S. There are lots of great custom rabbit toys on Etsy. I made a list on Etsy of my favorite rabbit gear there. { Click Here to visit my favorite list on Etsy. >>> }