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Recommended Rabbit Hutches

Best Indoor Rabbit Hutch

A rabbit hutch/cage is the center-piece of having a pet bunny. Most people keep their bunny in a hutch or cage, though some dedicate a whole room to their bunny.

We’re looking for a bunny home that is secure, comfortable, easy to clean, and attractive.

I’m going to recommend two different hutches. The first is affordable, the second is nice, the third is fabulous!

Best Low-Cost Rabbit Cage

The bare-bones model is this great wire cage. It has a good deep base to contain messes, it has a place where your bunny can climb into to feel safe, and it looks pretty good.

This is only suitable for smaller bunnies, though an XL sized cage is available.

It’s also for an indoor bunny only.

If it fits your budget, consider adding the Hutch Extension to make your bunny more comfortable.

Best Mid-Range Rabbit Hutch

This is a really pretty rabbit hutch.

  • Nice sized but still with a smaller footprint.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Gives your bun lots of places to hangout.
  • Has an easy climb ramp if you want to let your bun free-range sometimes.
  • Can be used as an outside hutch. **

** This is a great outdoor hutch, as long as you remember that while it is predator-resistant, is not predator-proof. I would only use this as an outdoor hutch it was located in a secured fenced yard.

To get a true predator-proof hutch, you’re going to have to build it yourself. If you want plans, be sure to get our email list and let us know you’re waiting for plans.

Best High-End Rabbit Hutch

Well, I’m not a very good salesperson, so I gotta shoot straight right from the beginning.

This is the highest quality of the hutches here, but I’d never spend this much on a hutch and I don’t have room for this bunny mansion.

However, if you do have the means and the space, you are going to have one very happy bun and family.

This beautiful hutch could be used indoors or outdoors, though I’d still keep it in a secure yard. Just make sure you have the room for it before you order!

P.S. Be careful when you order this, I saw prices ranging by 25%. I’ve linked the most affordable seller on Amazon at the time I wrote this guide.

Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

The Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch is the highest quality outdoor rabbit hutch I’ve ever seen.

It’s safe and secure and has features that make it easier to maintain than the hutches listed above. However, it’s a rabbit tractor and not a traditional hutch which means it’s not the best hutch for everyone.

I like this hutch so much that I took the time to write an article about its features that include a discussion at the end to help you decide if it’s the best outdoor bunny hutch for you. { Click Here to read that article on this website. >>> }