Rabbit Going Into Heat - What it means and how to tell.

Rabbit Going Into Heat – What it means and how to tell.

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When a female rabbit (called a Doe) is “in heat,” it means that she is in the most fertile period of her reproductive cycle, more receptive to breeding, and is more likely to become pregnant.

Shockingly, rabbits are almost always in heat.

When a female rabbit reaches sexual maturity at about 4 months she will go into heat. On average, they will be in heat for about 12 days and after that, they will not be in heat for about 4 days. Then they’ll be in heat again!

It’s worth noting that rabbits are induced ovulators, which means that they ovulate in response to sexual activity rather than on a set schedule like some other animals. So a female rabbit can get pregnant at almost anytime though she’s slightly more likely to get pregnant when she’s in heat.

This is why it’s important to keep male and female rabbits separated unless you want them to breed, as a male rabbit can trigger ovulation in a female rabbit even if she is not technically in heat.

If you’re not planning on breeding your rabbit, it’s recommended to have her spayed to prevent unwanted litters and potential health issues later in life.

Signs A Rabbit Is In Heat

Here are some signs that may indicate that your rabbit is in heat:

  1. Increased vocalization: Female rabbits in heat may make more noise than usual, including low grunting or high-pitched noises.
  2. Restlessness: A rabbit in heat may become restless and pace around her enclosure.
  3. Aggression: Some female rabbits may become more aggressive towards other rabbits or humans during their heat cycle.
  4. Increased mounting behavior: A female rabbit in heat may mount other rabbits or objects more frequently.
  5. Swelling or discharge: Some rabbits may have slight swelling or discharge from their genital area during their heat cycle.

It’s worth noting that not all rabbits will display these signs, and some may be more subtle than others. Additionally, male rabbits may display similar behaviors if they detect a female in heat nearby.


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