How Far Can A Rabbit Safely Jump Down?

How Far Can A Rabbit Safely Jump Down?

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As a new bunny owner, you are naturally worried about the safety of your cute bunny. One of the first fears is the danger posed to a bunny by jumping down from heights.

In this article, we’re going to explore how far a bunny can safely jump down.

Can Bunny’s Jump Onto Furniture?

Rabbits are natural jumpers. They jump for joy and for escaping threats.

How high a bunny can jump is influenced by three things:

  • Size Of Rabbit
  • Health Of Rabbit
  • Obesity Of Rabbit
  • Personality

These are all pretty self-explanatory.

Larger rabbits can jump higher than smaller rabbits.

Healthy rabbits can jump higher than sick or injured rabbits

Lean rabbits can jump higher than fat rabbits.

And some rabbits just like to jump more than other rabbits.

Most rabbits can easily jump up onto furniture, including beds, couches, and even toilet bowls. If a rabbit can jump up onto something, they can also safely jump down from that same height.

But can rabbits safely jump down from greater heights?

Pet Holland Lop Rabbit on Little Girls Lap

How Far Can A Bunny Safely Jump Down?

A rabbit can safely jump down from heights higher than they can jump up to. How far down they can jump depends on many of the same factors that influenced how high up they could jump.

  • Medium-sized rabbits can safely jump down further than very small or very large rabbits.
  • Healthy rabbits can jump down more safely than sick or injured rabbits.
  • Young rabbits can withstand a high jump down better than an elderly rabbit.
  • A lean rabbit can land safely on her feet easier than an obese bunny.

Most rabbits can safely jump down from a height of 4 to 5 feet. Very large and very rabbits are safe at the 4 foot height, while a healthy medium-sized rabbit can safely jump down from heights of 5 feet.

That means that there are very few surfaces in your home that would pose a great danger to your bunny.

Even an off-the-floor hutch will usually be only three to four feet off of the ground which means that if your bunny jumps out when the door is open she’ll be fine as long as she lands well and not on top of something pokey.

It’s really kind of hard to come up with situations where your rabbit would be dangerously high.

On the top bunk bed is too high for a rabbit to safely jump down.

However, rabbits are pretty smart and most rabbits wouldn’t make that jump in normal situations.

Honestly, I can only imagine one of our bunnies jumping off of the top bunk bed if they were panicked or trapped up there for an extended period of time.

Don’t worry too much about your bunny jumping down. Sometimes we let our worry stand in the way of our joy.



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3 thoughts on “How Far Can A Rabbit Safely Jump Down?

  1. my minilop jumped from the top of the bunk bed and landed on the floor. He looks ok but should i be worried.

    1. Just monitor your bunny for any strange behavior. With a jump like that, broken bones are the most likely harm to a rabbit. If your rabbit doesn’t appear to be in pain or stress, he’s probably fine. If you see your rabbit walking oddly, panting heavily, or shaking, get them to your veterinarian. Otherwise, just be thankful that your daredevil bun survived the giant jump!

      1. My bunny climbs to the top of a 7 foot cat pile and jumps off. I can’t stop her but she jumps onto a soft dog bed. Why is she so crazy?

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