25 Rabbit Owner Tips, & Tricks For A New Bunny Owner

25 Rabbit Owner Tips, & Tricks For A New Bunny Owner

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So many times, I hear new rabbit owners saying, “I wish someone had told me _______________, before I got my bunny!”

I get it, there are so many things that you should consider before you decide to get your first pet rabbit.

If you don’t have the right information before you get that rabbit, you could potentially make mistakes that no only cost you extra money, but might actually put your bunny in danger.

That’s why I decided to collect a list of rabbit tips and tricks, so new bunny owners would be armed with the best information available before bringing that cute bunny home.

But How Should I Get The BEST Rabbit Tips and Tricks?

I could have just shared my own best tips and tricks, but that seemed too narrow for such an important topic.

So, instead, I decided to crowd-source this list of pet rabbit tips.

I asked thousands of actual pet bunny owners in various rabbit owner communities “What are the most important tips that new bunny owners should know?”

I got hundreds of answers, and I’ve collected the best answers below to share with you.

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The 25 Best Rabbit Tips & Tricks

  1. Spend Time With Your Bunny. Rabbits are social animals, make sure you have enough time to spend with a pet bunny! You should be hanging out with your bunny at least an hour a day.
  2. Consider More Than One Rabbit. If, like most of us, your days are busy, consider getting two rabbits. after all, bunnies are social animals.
  3. Find Your Medical Profesional. Find a small animal veterinarian with experience with rabbits before you get a bunny!
  4. Save For Emergencies. Start an emergency veterinarian bill savings account so you never have to choose between budget and your bunny’s health.
  5. Plan Ahead For The Most Common Rabbit Issue. Rabbits sometimes get their digestive system blocked up. Keep some Oxbow Critical Care food on hand for emergencies. It has a long shelf life and can save your bunny if she quits eating. { See it on Amazon >> } .
  1. Use a water bowl rather than a water bottle. Bowls allow for more water intake than bottles. Hydration is critical to bunny health and can help avoid digestive issues.
  2. Learn to litter train your bunny. A litter trained bunny is much more enjoyable than a bunny that sees the world (and your house) as their litter box. Despite what some say, it is possible to litter train a rabbit that’s not been neutered or spayed.
  3. No Junk Food! Don’t feed rabbit food that looks like kids’ cereal. Instead, feed high-quality pellets. Oxbow and Sherwood are two of the highest quality rabbit pellets available. P.S. Don’t feed kids cereal that looks like kid’s cereal.
  1. Feed Rabbits Age Appropriate Food. Baby Rabbits need a different type of rabbit pellet and maybe even a different type of hay than adult rabbits.
  2. Hay Should Be 80% Of A Rabbit’s Diet. Hay is essential to make sure your bunny has enough fiber to keep their digestive system healthy and keep their teeth naturally trimmed to a healthy length.
  3. Provide Chew Toys. Giving your bunny twigs to chew on will also help keep their teeth naturally trimmed.
  4. Shop Around For Rabbit Feed & Supplies. Almost all rabbit supplies are cheaper at the farm and feed stores than at pet stores or even online. However, you probably will be buying in larger quantities, so you’ll need to invest in good storage containers.
  5. Bunny Proof & Bunny Safe. Bunny proof your rabbit’s area for their own safety. A good example is to make sure they can’t get to electrical cords that look so much like good twigs to chew.
  1. Don’t Wash Your Bunny! Don’t bathe your bunny, unless you absolutely have to. Getting a rabbit wet is very stressful and they can get hypothermia very easily. If you do have to bathe your bunny, do it right! { Article we wrote about bathing your bunny correctly. >> }
  2. Double-check the sex of your bunny. You would be shocked about how often the people you get a new bunny from get the sex wrong.
  3. Give your bunny some space. Let your new rabbit come to you on her own terms. Bunnies are more like cats than dogs when it comes to how they want to hang out with you.
  4. Monitor your bunny’s teeth and claws. Both teeth and claws grow continuously, and you need to pay attention to see if they are getting too long. If the are getting too long, you will probably need the help of your veterinarian to aid your bunny.
  5. Rabbits Can Get Fleas. Just pay attention and watch for signs of fleas. This is one of those problems that is easier to prevent than to cure. Here is an article we wrote about Rabbit Fleas.
  6. Your Rabbit Is Really Smart. Be observant of how intelligent your bunny really is and enjoy challenging his intelligence with fun bunny games.
  7. Groom Your Bunny. Your bunny needs to be groomed regularly. Brush your bunny to help them stay clean and to have less shedding mess!
  8. Make a Rabbit First Aid Kit. I’m not trying to scare you but rabbits do occasionally get injured just like every other living being. If you have a first aid kit on hand for your bunny and other pets, it can save you a ton in vet bills.
  9. Bond with your bunny. They are social animals, and as you spend time with them you become part of their family.
  10. Rabbits live for a long time. Rabbits typically live 7 to 12 years or more, so don’t think of them as temporary Easter pets. Getting a bunny is a life-long commitment.
  11. Love your bunny!

Final Thoughts On Bunny Tips & Tricks

Keep in mind that we asked thousands of experienced bunny owners for their best tips and tricks, then we boiled them down to the best 25 that we listed above.

But we know that we don’t have them all listed here!

We know we missed some GREAT bunny tips that every new bunny owner needs to hear, so PLEASE include your tips and tricks in the comments below.

As we get a little time, we’ll add the best new rabbit tips from the comments to the list above.

Let’s work together to make sure that every new rabbit owner knows everything that they need to know before they get their new pet rabbit.


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