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Rabbits And Baby Food – Can Bunnies Eat Rabbit Food And Why Would They?

Baby Eating Baby Food

Okay, this sounds a little crazy, but if you are on this page you probably know why you might be considering feeding baby food to a rabbit…because your bunny has some digestive problems. So let’s dig into this topic and find out if you can feed baby food to a rabbit and why you might want to do it.

Feeding Baby Food To A Rabbit

First, newborn baby food is usually just mushed up vegetables which would be fine for rabbits. Baby food made for older babies is going to start containing meat, which wouldn’t be good for rabbits.

Rabbits are herbivores and should not eat meat, even if it’s pureed into baby food.

Rabbits can eat most newborn baby foods, though you need to be selective about what baby food you offer your bunny. Never feed a rabbit baby food that contains meat or that contains added sugar. Even naturally sweet baby foods like bananas or apples should be limited because of their sugar content.

Too much sugar of any kind is not good for your rabbit. Your rabbit will get fat if you overfeed it sweet fruits or even vegetables like carrots.

Why Feed Baby Food To A Rabbit

Baby food is sometimes fed to a rabbit that is suffering from Gastrointestinal Stasis (GI). This is a common condition where a rabbit’s digestive system gets plugged up and they cannot have bowel movements. Some people treat GI with moisture-dense baby food, but you should take your bunny to the vet if the condition lasts for more than a day.

Just be careful to look at the label on the baby food to make sure it doesn’t have added sugar. But to be fair, in the modern world, most baby food doesn’t have added sugar so it’s not bad for rabbits.

However, even if there is no added sugar, you need to choose low natural sugar baby food to feed to your bunny.


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