How Big Do Angora Rabbits Get? Angora Rabbit Size Chart

How Big Do Angora Rabbits Get? Angora Rabbit Size Chart

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Angora Rabbits is one of the oldest domestic rabbit breeds. Angoras came out of a city-state called Angora in modern-day Turkey hundreds of years ago as the world’s best wooly rabbit for producing fiber for textile manufacturing.

Since then the Angora Rabbit has traveled the world and been developed into a number of distinct breeds of wool producing angora rabbits.

How Many Types Of Angora Rabbit Are There?

There are five primary types of Angora Rabbits:

  1. English Angora
  2. French Angora
  3. Giant Angora
  4. Satin Angora
  5. German Angora

There are some other varieties of Angoras that people talk about, but there are so few of them that finding any reliable information has been impossible.

If you first-hand experience with any of these rare types of Angora Rabbits, please contact me so we can help you share your expertise.

Rare Types Of Angora Rabbits:

  • Chinese Angora
  • Finnish Angora
  • Japanese Angora
  • Russian Angora
  • St. Lucian Angora
  • Swiss Angora

How Big Does Each Type Of Angora Rabbit Get?

I researched the breed standards for each of the five types of angora rabbits, and their adult sizes for both males and females are included in the table below.

Table Of Adult Angora Rabbit Size

Angora TypeMale SizeFemale Size
English Angora7 Pounds7 1/2 Pounds
French Angora9 Pounds10 1/2 Pounds
Giant Angora14 1/2 Pounds *16 Pounds **
Satin Angora9 1/2 Pounds9 1/2 Pounds
German Angora11 Pounds **11 Pounds **
Data Source: NARBC & IAGARB

* Note About The Size Of Giant Angora Rabbits

Photo Credit:

The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) and The National Angora Rabbit Breeders Association (NARBA) do not dictate a maximum weight for the Giant Angora Rabbit Breed. Instead, both have a minimum weight for the breed standard.

The minimum weight for a Giant Angora Senior Buck is 9 1/2 pounds, while a senior doe must weigh at least 10 pounds. However, I contacted a number of Giant Angora breeders and found that a very large Angora Doe can weigh around 16 pounds and a buck 14 1/2 pounds.

** Note About The Size Of German Angora Rabbits

The ARBA doesn’t recognize the German Angora as a separate breed, however, it is popular worldwide because of its outstanding wool fiber production.

The maximum weights for the German Angora came from The International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders (IAGARB)

The Smallest Angora Rabbit Breed

The English Angora Rabbit is the smallest of the common Angora Rabbit Breeds. A large English Angora Doe can weigh up to 7 1/2 pounds and a mature buck can weigh up to 7 pounds. English Angora Rabbits are less than half the size of the Giant Angora Rabbit.

The Largest Angora Rabbit Breed

The Giant Angora Rabbit is the largest of the common Angora Breeds with an adult doe weighing up to 16 pounds and bucks 14 1/2 pounds. The Giant Angoras are about 1/3 larger than the next largest Angora Breed, the German Angora.

Share Your Angora Rabbit Pictures!

Thousands of new people read about Angora Rabbits here every month, and we don’t have a lot of pictures to share with them. If you have Angora Rabbits please share your pictures and videos so Angora Bunny newbies can better understand these wooly rabbits.

Just contact me at and we’ll work out the details of photo credits and any links.


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