The Difference Between French Angora and English Angora Rabbits With Video

The Difference Between French Angora and English Angora Rabbits With Video

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Angora Rabbits are one of the oldest domestic breeds and have been kept by humans for hundreds of years as both pets and as a source of wool which has been used in luxury textiles for centuries.

Over those centuries, Angora’s have been developed into a number of distinctive breeds that share a common through-line of beautiful wool-like fur.

To two most popular types of Angora Rabbits are the English Angora Rabbit and the French Angora Rabbit. While they look pretty similar there are some unmistakable differences between these two breeds of Angora Rabbits?

Difference In Appearance Of English & French Angora Rabbits

The most visually obvious difference between a French Angora Rabbit and an English Angora Rabbit is the wool on their faces. The English Angora Rabbit has heavy wool on its face and ears, similar to what is on the rest of its body. The French Angora Rabbit has shorter hair on its face and ears.

Is the English Angora Or French Angor Larger?

In both the English Angora and French Angora Breed the females are larger than the males, so we’ll focus on the size of the female rabbits.

The French Angora Rabbit is larger than the English Angora. A healthy female (Doe) French Angora Rabbit weighs a maximum of 10 1/2 pounds, while an English Angora Doe weighs a maximum of only 7 1/2 pounds.

Here is an article I wrote about the differences in size of various angora rabbit breeds.

Is There A Difference In The Temperament of English Angora And French Angora Rabbits?

There is no difference in the temperament of English Angora Rabbits and French Angora Rabbits. Both of these rabbits are sweet and docile bunnies that make wonderful pets.

Difference Between The Wool Of An English Angora Rabbit And French Angora Rabbit

The English Angora is referred to as a ’round ball of fluff’ with wool that is dense but still soft, silky, and full of life. The wool from the English Angora is considered the softest angora fiber and has fewer guard hairs (long outer hairs) which makes it more desirable as textile fiber to make yarn and clothing.

The French Angora’s wool has longer guard hairs the outer hairs that are supported by heavily crimped underwool. While the wool of the French Angora is also soft and silky, it’s not as fine as that of the English Angora.

The wool (i.e. fiber) of both types of angora rabbits is used to spin into yarn and in most cases, the fiber from both breeds is simply considered ‘angora fiber’ when being sold to make yarn and eventually luxury clothing.

However, you can sometimes find the slightly more expensive French Angora Yarn.

Video About The Difference In Angora Wool By Breed

The video below is from an ARBA Judge who walks us through the differences between all of the Angora Rabbit Breeds, particularly focusing on the wool.

It’s so packed full of information and an outstanding watch for someone choosing an English Angora Rabbit or a French Angora Rabbit.

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  1. I have a lionhead angora rabbit she is 2 1/2 yrs, she wieghs 9 pounds. Her face is lionhead face. Her body is shorter hair than the normal angora, but just as soft and fine, and it changes color each season, twice a year. Longer hairs come forth in the winter. May I send a photo? Just want to make sure I understand her breed. She was a rescue. Thank you.

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