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Top 10 Best Natural Rabbit Treats – No Effort Bunny Treats

I love my pet bunny and I love to spoil him with occasional treats, below I’ve collected a list of my Holland Lop’s favorite snacks. All of these are all completely no effort and require little to no preparation.

But first, let’s talk about giving treats to your pet bunny.

Should You Give Treats To Your Pet Rabbit?

There is no reason not to give your bunny rabbit treats as long as you are responsible about it.

Keep in mind, just like any other animal, your bunny shouldn’t have any more than a few treats per-day.  Too many treats will not only make your rabbit fat and unhealthy but might spoil him so that he won’t eat his regular diet of hay and pellets.

Limiting these treats is especially important since most of these treats are sugary fruits.  The sugar content of too many of these treats will certainly make your bunny fat and unhealthy!

Can Sugary Treats Give Your Bunny Diabetes?

The short answer is yes. Just like you or me, too much sugar can make your bunny fat and unhealthy.

Luckily diabetes in rabbits is fairly uncommon, but if your rabbit lives in a small cage, and is and is eating unhealthily, there is a chance that your pet bunny could get diabetes. { Click To See Research >>> }

Treats should be just that…a treat.

Make your bunny’s treats a special occasion that both you and your cute bunny will look forward to.

The Best No Effort Treats For Your Pet Bunny

Homemade rabbit treats don’t have to take hours to make, there are already fruits that are perfect if you want to give your bunny a treat. Treats are an amazing way to train your bunny or reward them (for whatever reason).  

Below is a list of my pet rabbit’s favorite treats.

1. Apples 

Like all rabbits, my pet Holland Lop (named Snoop) LOVES apples. You can give them fresh slices of apples, or cut them up and dry them if you want to store for longer.

We have a food dehydrator that I use to dry slices of apples for my pet rabbit. It just takes me a few minutes to slice the apples and put them in the dehydrator overnight.

In the morning I have a month’s supply of my bunny’s favorite treat!

P.S. Some people worry about their rabbit eating apple seeds. We had the same worry, so we did a lot of research and wrote an article for our website about rabbits eating apple seeds.

2.Frozen Mango 

We live in the midwest, so we don’t have fresh mango, but we do keep frozen mango in the freezer for smoothies.

Every once in a while I share a chuck with Snoopy!

He LOVES mango especially in the summer when it’s really hot. 


Similar to mango’s he gets frozen strawberries more often than fresh.

I can say with certainty that the wild rabbits love the strawberry’s in our garden! Snoop does enjoy the occasional fresh strawberry though 🙂


We have a chocolate lab that we train with treats, one day I was wondering what I could use to train my rabbit?

Then I realized that blueberries were the perfect shape and size! Snoop loves them, even though he’s not a very food driven bunny. 


Bananas are an AMAZING fruit to give to your bunny, they love them every time. I think the reason rabbits love this so much, is because it’s the highest sugar treat on this list (more on that later in this article).

This is certainly a treat to offer in moderation!

If you wanted to do more than just give them some banana, you could mix mashed banana with oats and make simple bunny rabbit cookies. 


Blackberries are a good option if you want to give your rabbit a special treat. 

Your bunny rabbit will LOVE a fresh juicy blackberry 


Are another great treat. We have a cherry tree, and when they’re in season we collect them. 

The nice things about bunnies are they don’t care about how pretty the cherries are, so  Snoop gets the not so pretty ones that didn’t make the cut.

Some people worry about rabbits choking on pits, this is something to remember, but I’ve never seen a rabbit die after eating a cherry. 


Grapes are similar to blueberries, as you can use them to train your bunny if they’re a little larger. 

They would work perfectly for a Havana mix, dutch, or any other medium to large rabbits. 


Pears are a great fruit for your bunny! We have a wild pear tree and both rabbits like the fruit off of it. 

They both also prefer fresh pear though. Snoop can devourer half a pear in 5 minuets 


Raspberries are a little more health-conscious, out of this list they have the least sugar. 

In my experience, my bunny still likes raspberries, but he would much rather have bananas or apple crisps.  

So Which Is My Rabbits Favorite Treat?

My bunny’s favorite treats are apples.

I regularly dry apple slices in our dehydrator to make bunny treats. One of the great things about pet rabbits is that they are very forgiving about how dry their apple slices are. Snoop doesn’t care if they are a little drier or a little moister, he loves them all!

If I leave the dried bunny treats container open, he’ll dig through the rest of the treats to find his apple crisps.

Just like me and you, some of my bunny rabbits’ favorite treats are pretty sugary and we should try to help them moderate their sugar intake.

What Is The Sugar Content Of These Bunny Treat Fruits

As we talked about before, just like humans, bunnies can get diabetes if they regularly eat too much sugar.  I did the research and made the table below so you know how much sugar you are giving your bunny.  

Keep in mind that the table below is designed to let you know the relative amount of sugar in each bunny treat.  The numbers in the chart are for one cup of each fruit, and that’s WAY TOO MUCH fruit for a bunny as a treat.  

I normally give Snoop just one or two pieces of fruit for a treat, and that translates into just one tablespoon of fruit, or maybe two tablespoons on a special occasion.  That means that normally my pet bunny gets just 1/16 of a cup of fruit as a treat.

FruitGrams of sugar per cup
Cherries 13
Grapes 15

After my research, I discovered that bananas have the most sugar, (28 grams per cup) and raspberries have the least (5 grams per cup).

A Bonus Treat For Your Bunny That’s Not As Sugar Packed

Garden Weeds Are Great Bunny Treats

Every morning we give my rabbit weeds from the garden and yard, and every morning he’s standing up in his house anxiously waiting for his morning treat.

His morning pile of weeds is almost the size of him, and he LOVES them. 

Garden weeds are less of a treat and more of a part of his normal diet but don’t tell him that. He begs for weeds just as much, if not more, than he does dry apple slices, but that might be because getting his morning weeds has become a family ritual that everyone enjoys.

On top of that, weeds cost nothing and are good for your bunny’s health. 

Some of my rabbit’s favorites weed treats:

  • Cloves
  • Doc
  • Wild lettuce
  • Dandelions
  • Chives 

Conclusion – Should You Give Your Bunny Treats?

Yes, you should give your sweet bunny treats! 

Treats are most definitely NOT something that’s required to keep your bunny healthy, but they are something that both add to your bunny’s quality of life and are useful for you.

As I mentioned earlier, treats are a great way to train your rabbit. With time and patience, your bunny will soon learn that when he does certain wanted behaviors, he sometimes gets rewarded with his favorite treats.

Just as importantly, treats can help you form a stronger connection with your bunny.

~ Marley

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