Do Pet Rabbit's Fur Turn White In The Winter?

Do Pet Rabbit’s Fur Turn White In The Winter?

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Over the decades, my family has had lots of different breeds of bunnies. Some of those were indoor pets, but most of them have been primarily outdoor bunnies.

I’ve seen a lot of rabbits make the transition from summer to winter, but did the fur of any of those rabbits change to white in the winter?

Pet bunny’s fur does not turn white in the winter. All traditional pet bunny breeds are rabbits, not hares. No rabbit breeds turn white in the winter. There are several breeds of hares that turn white in the winter.

What Breeds Of Hares Turn White In The Winter?

The best-known hare that turns white in the winter is the Snowshoe Hare, but the Arctic Hare and the Mountain Hare also turn white in the winter.

Each of these hares lives in areas where the summers are mild, but the winters are very cold, and their winter white coats are an evolutionary advantage.

Their darker summer coats blend in better with the brown of bare earth, but their white coats give them camouflage when living in the winter snows.


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