What Do You Call A Group Of Rabbits?

What Do You Call A Group Of Rabbits?

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We are quite familiar with some terms when referring to a group of certain animals. For example, we say a flock of birds when we talk about birds that are gathered in numbers. We also know that wolves that roam together are called a “pack” and we are also quite familiar with a bunch of lions and know that they belong to a “Pride” 

However, are you familiar with the word that refers to a group of rabbits? 

We often hear the word “Colony” used to refer to a group of bunnies. But, did you know that other common and, perhaps, cuter terms which are also used for a group of rabbits?

This is a pretty short article and will mostly delve into the many and varying terms that people use to refer to a group of rabbits. I wrote a separate article because I know that there are lots of you bunny lovers out there that are curious about this topic. I, for one, had a great time doing research about it, so I really hope that you enjoy it! 

A Group Of Rabbits Is Called A Fluffle – Photo Credit – Canva Pro

Name For A Group Of Rabbits 

The term used for a group of rabbits is a Fluffle.

Rabbits are extremely social animals. In the wild, it is very rare for them to be seen foraging alone. They usually are out and about in groups because there is more protection in numbers.  Rabbits are prey animals and a single rabbit is an easier target for a rabbit predator than a rabbit that is part of a large group. 

If you are confused about the term Fluffle, then you’re not alone. This term is not well-known and is actually commonly used in North Canada. There are also other terms that are used to refer to a group of rabbits. I, for one, often use Colony to refer to a group of them in my articles. Colony is an acceptable term for a group of rabbits too, so you’re not wrong when this is what you call them. 

Another term that is used to refer to a group of rabbits is a Herd. This is actually a term used by the House Rabbit Society.

Yes, just like cattle and other farm animals some people call rabbits a herd, so if you’re one of those people that have grown up calling a group of rabbits a herd, you’re not exactly wrong either. 

“Fluffle”, “Colony” and “Herd” are all common terms used to refer to a group of rabbits and it’s up to you to choose the term that you are most comfortable with.

I tried looking for the origins of the word Fluffle but unfortunately can’t find it. I tend to assume that this is a play on the word “Fluffy” though. I don’t know about you, but I think that Flullle is an apt name for a group of bunnies and way cuter for our cute bunny friends.

A Colony Of Rabbits – Photo Credit – Canva Pro

Wait, What is a Warren?

There is often confusion when it comes to the term “Warren” and the other terms that are used to denote a group of rabbits. For some people, when they see a group of rabbits they call them a “Warren of Rabbits” but this is a misconception.

The term “Warren” refers to rabbit habitats and is not used to refer to bunnies as a group. However, because of the complexity of the habitats of wild rabbits, many people still refer to a group of rabbits as a warren.

Rabbits live by creating burrows. These burrows are interconnected pathways under the ground. Hence, it is also not entirely wrong to say that the rabbits live in these series of underground tunnels. When referring to a group/series of burrows, the right term is a Warren.  Therefore, this is where the term “Warren of Rabbits” comes from, meaning the series of burrows that rabbits live in. 

A Fluffle of Kits or Baby Rabbits

What Is a Nest, a Litter or a Kindle? 

Did you know that there are also three terms that are used when referring to a group of baby rabbits?

Baby rabbits are called kits or kittens but when grouped together they aren’t called a colony, fluffle, or herd.

One of the most common terms that is used to refer to a group of baby rabbits is Litter. A nest is also a term that is often interchanged with litter. Personally, I use the word Litter more often in articles as I think it’s more straightforward and easier to understand than the word “nest”. 

Finally, another term that is used to refer to a bunch of baby rabbits is the word Kindle. “Kindling” is the term used for when mother rabbits are giving birth thus, it is obvious why the resulting babies are said to be part of a “Kindle”.

But whether you prefer to use nest, litter, or kindle, the most important thing to remember is that these are only used for baby rabbits and are not used to refer to a group of adult rabbits. 


And that concludes this short but I hope very informative article. Do you have other trivia about rabbits that is not commonly known? You know how I love them all bunny trivia, so if you do, please share them in the comment box below! 


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