List Of Pet Rabbit Sizes By Breed - Small, Medium, And Large Rabbit Breeds

List Of Pet Rabbit Sizes By Breed – Small, Medium, And Large Rabbit Breeds

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Are you looking for a net pet rabbit that is a specific size? In this article, we decided to make the search easy by creating a list of small rabbit breeds, medium rabbits, and large rabbits.

This article includes 50 of the most popular pet rabbit breeds and sorts them by size.

Small domestic rabbit breeds weigh 1 to 5 pounds, medium rabbit breeds weigh 5.5 to 10.5 pounds, and large rabbit breeds weigh more than 10.5 lbs. 

List Of Small Rabbit Breeds

Small pet bunny breeds weigh from 1 lb to 5 lbs. These breeds include the mini breeds as well as the dwarf breeds. 

BreedMax WeightLifespan
American Fuzzy Lop4 lbs5 to 8 years
Britannia Petite2.5 lbs6 to 10 years
Dutch5.5 lbs5 to 10 years
Dwarf Hotot3 lbs7 to 12 years
Dwarf Papillon3 lbs7 to 12 years
French Lop3.6 lbs6 to 8 years
Giant Angora5.5 lbs7 to 12 years
Himalayan4.5 lbs9 to 15 years
Holland Lop4 lbs7 to 10 years
Jersey Wooly3. 5 lbs7 to 10 years
Lionhead3.75 lbs7 to 9 years
Mini Rex4.5 lbs7 to 8 years
Mini Satin4 lbs5 to 8 years
Netherland Dwarf2.5 lbs7 to 10 years
Polish3.5 lbs5 to 8 years
Tan5.5 lbs8 to 10 years
Table Of Small Pet Rabbit Breeds From

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List Of Medium Sized Rabbit Breeds

Medium-sized rabbits are rabbits that weigh from 5.5 lbs to 10.5 lbs. Some of the rabbits in this size category include the popular Rex and Mini Satin. 

BreedMax WeightLifespan
American Sable9 lbs5 to 8 years
Belgian Hare9.5 lbs5 to 7 years
Californian10.5 lbs5 to 9 years
Dutch5.5 lbs5 to 10 years
English Angora7.5 lbs5 to 8 years
English Spot8 lbs6 to 8 years
Florida White6 lbs5 to 8 years
French Angora10.5 lbs7 to 12 years
Giant Angora5.5 lbs7 to 12 years
Harlequin9.5 lbs5 to 8 years
Havana6.5 lbs7 to 12 years
Lilac8 lbs8 to 12 years
Mini Lop6.5 lbs7 to 14 years
Rex10.5 lbs6 to 8 years
Rhinelander10 lbs5 to 8 years
Satin Angora9.5 lbs7 to 12 years
Silver7 lbs7 to 10 years
Silver Marten9.5 lbs5 to 8 years
Standard Chinchilla7.5 lbs5 to 10 years
Tan5.5 lbs8 to 10 years
Thrianta6 lbs5 to 10 years
Table Of Medium-Sized Pet Rabbit Breeds From

List Of Large Rabbit Breeds

Large-sized rabbits weigh more than 10.5 lbs. These rabbits usually include the Giants or the breeds of rabbits that can grow as long as a small dog or a small toddler.

BreedMax WeightLifespan
American12 lbs5 to 10 years
American Chinchilla12 lbs5 to 8 years
Argente Brun11 lbs8 to 10 years
Beveren12 lbs5 to 10 years.
Blanc De Hotot11 lbs7 to 10 years
Champagne d’Argent12 lbs6 to 8 years
Checkered Giant11 lbs5 to 8 years
Cinnamon11 lbs5 to 8 years
Creme d’Argent11 lbs7 to 9 years
English Lop11 lbs5 to 8 years
Flemish Giant20 lbs8 to 10 years
Giant Chinchilla16 lbs5 to 8 years
New Zealand12 lbs5 to 6 years
Palomino11 lbs5 to 8 years
Satin11 lbs5 to 8 years
Silver Fox12 lbs7 to 10 years
Table Of Large-Sized Pet Rabbit Breeds From

If you are interested in learning more about the largest rabbit breeds, jump on over to our article that details the Giant Rabbit Breeds.


As you can probably see lists above there are many rabbit breeds and that they tend to live long lives with smaller rabbits having longer lifespans than large rabbit breeds.

Do you own any of the breeds above? Have you noticed any difference about them that sets them apart from any of the others in a different size category? Let me know in the comment below! 



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