Rescue Rabbit Name Ideas - Ideas for adopted, found, and rescued bunnies

Rescue Rabbit Name Ideas – Ideas for adopted, found, and rescued bunnies

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An adopted rescue rabbit seems to always have a special place in their human’s heart and such a special bunny deserves a special name that will always remind you how you found each other.

People name their pet rabbits based upon their bunny’s breed, color, sex, and sometimes by how they got their bunny. If your new rabbit came to you as a foundling or rescue, that’s a very unique story that you’re going to want to make a part of your life together.

You can go with a name like “Friday” to always remind you of the day that you found your bunny. Or you could go with the month, or even the street name where you found each other.

As you sort through potential names, I encourage you to choose a unique name that will make people curious enough to ask about the origin of the name. After all, don’t you want lots of opportunities to tell the story of how you found your bunny?

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Below you’ll find 101 name ideas for your new adopted bunny regardless of where it came from. These names are perfect for:

101 Name Ideas For Rescued Rabbits

  • Alpha – New beginning
  • Altan – “New” in Turkish
  • Ami – “Friend” in Danish
  • Angel – Divine
  • Anjo – “Angel” in Portuguese
  • Arata – “Fresh” in Japanese
  • Ariel – From The Little Mermaid movie
  • Asha – “Hope” in Sanskrit
  • Badbaaday – “Survivor” in Somali
  • Beauty – Short for Sleeping Beauty from the movie
  • Belle – From Beauty and The Beast movie
  • Bendito – “Blessed” in Spanish
  • Bernard – “Brave” in German
  • Bert – Short for Wiedergeburt, Rebirth in German
  • Bones – Skin and bones when you found them?
  • Buddy – Friend
  • Bum – Freeloader
  • Chance – 2nd chance at life
  • Chanceux – “Lucky” in French
  • Dara – “Gift” In Bulgarian
  • Dawn – New beginning
  • Destino – “Denstiny” in Italian
  • Destiny – Destined to be your pet
  • Diagan – “New beginning” in Old English
  • Engel – “Angel” in German
  • Ewan – “New”  In Scottish
  • Fa Mulan – From Mulan movie – never gives up
  • Fesco – “Fresh” in Italian for a fresh start
  • Fortune – The fortunate one
  • Foster – A foster bunny
  • Gem – Your found gem
  • Genesis – Means new beginning
  • Glory – Glory of God
  • Grace – Grace of God
  • Gulliver – From Gulliver’s Travels
  • Gump – From Forest Gump – never gives up
  • Gypsy – A nomad
  • Happy – Happy to be home
  • Heaven – Little piece of heaven
  • Heldig – “Lucky” in Danish
  • Hobo – Hobo
  • Hogan – “New” in Gaelic
  • Hope – Hope of a better life
  • Impulse – An impulse to save this bunny?
  • Inigo Montoya – From Princes Bride movie
  • Irvin – “New Beginning” in Scottish
  • Journey – Did your bunny have a journey?
  • June – Or the month you found them
  • Katniss – From Hunger Games movie
  • Keeper – This rabbit is a keeper
  • Kisa – Acronym for Kight In Shining Armor
  • Kismit – Means fate
  • Lagun – “Friend” in Basque
  • Loner – Was alone when you found them
  • Lucky – Was lucky you found them
  • Magic – Finding each other was magic
  • Main Street – Or the name of the street you found them on
  • Malachi – Means special message from God
  • Maurice – Dad from Beauty And The Best movie
  • Melek – “Angel” in Turkish
  • Merida – From Brave movie
  • Mik – “Friend” in Albanian
  • Miricle – A miracle that you found him
  • Moedig – “Brave” in Dutch
  • Neo – “New” in Greek
  • Nomad – Moving from place to place
  • Onnekas – “Lucky” in Finnish
  • Osud – “Destiny” in Swedish
  • Owasinda – “Survivor” in Zulu
  • Paycheck – Become an unexpected expense?
  • Percy – Short for Perseverance
  • Pest – Invaded your home?
  • Phoenix – Myth of rising from the flames
  • Podunk – Found in the middle of nowhere
  • Pooka – Means good luck charm
  • Rambo – A survivor
  • Rapunzel – From the movie “Tangled”
  • Redde – “Saved” in Danish
  • Renacida – “Reborn” (feminine) in Italian 
  • Renacido – “Reborn” (masculine) in Italian
  • Renaître – “Reborn” in French
  • Retread – Found by the side of the road
  • Retten – “Saved” in German
  • Salvar – “Saved” In Spanish
  • Samwaise Gamgee – From Lord Of The Rings
  • Saxma – “Survivor” in Kurdish
  • Scarey – Scared bunny
  • Sita – Ancient India damsel in distress
  • Som Har Tur – “Lucky” in Swedish
  • Sors – “Destiny” in Hungarian
  • Spartacus – A warrior who never gives up
  • Survivant – “Survivor” in French
  • Sweetie – Fell in love with a sweet personality
  • Tapper – “Brave” in Danish
  • Tramp – From lady and the tramp
  • Treasure – A found treasure
  • Trotzen – “Brave” in German
  • Tsira – “Survivor” in Hausa
  • Tuesday  – Or what day of the week you found them
  • Vader – Short for invader
  • Ven – “Friend” in Danish

I hope you found this bunny article helpful. If you have a bunny with a rescue-inspired name, please leave it in the comments below!

Your Rabbit Friend,


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My name is Stacey Davis and my family has kept rabbits for decades. Here on we share our love of rabbits, our experience, and lots of research to help you enjoy your pet bunny even more.

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