Holland Lop Lifespan & How To Help Them Live Longer

Average Holland Lop Lifespan – 3 tips for longer life.

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Holland Lop bunnies are one of the most popular and beloved pet rabbits, and we all want to know how long our holland lop is going to live. My family has kept rabbits for decades, and I’ve added lots of research to that experience to share with you the best answer possible.

Holland Lop rabbits live 6 to 8 years on average. The oldest verified Holland Lop was 15 years old, though there are claims of one that lived to 17 years.

A number of factors can greatly affect how long your Holland Lop Bunny can live.

Now let’s dig into the factors that can affect how long your pet might live.

Factors That Increase Your Holland Lop’s Lifespan

1. Being Spayed or Neutered Will Increase Your Holland Lops Life Expectancy.

This is the one thing that you can do to most increase your pet rabbits’ lifespan.

For does (female rabbits) having them spayed is generally attributed to doubling the lifespan of a rabbit. I’m not sure that is really true, but it certainly will increase it significantly.

I believe that spaying your Holland Lop Doe will increase her average lifespan to 9 to 12 years.

Why Does Spaying A Holland Lop Doe Increase Life Expectancy?

Female Holland Lops, and all other breeds of rabbits, are prone to a number of ailments that are related to their reproductive hormones.

By having your Holland Lop Bunny spayed, you’ll reduce or eliminate the chances of her experiencing both mammary tumors and uterine cancer. Each of these is a life-threatening condition and way too common in female rabbits.

Image of an Old Holland Lop Rabbit

Risks and Other Benefits of Spaying Your Rabbit

Spaying a rabbit is a pretty minor surgery, but all surgeries come with risk. Your pet will need to receive an anesthetic, which is probably the most dangerous part of the procedure.

You need to visit with your veterinarian about the risks.

While not a risk, there is a significant cost associated with spaying a rabbit.

The cost of spaying a rabbit can range from $75 to over $600, and it’s all based on which veterinarian clinic you go to.

{ Click Here to see the full study on the cost of getting a bunny spayed or neutered. >>> }

I recommend you call a number of veterinarians in your area to get prices before you decide where to take your doe to be spayed.

As for benefits, nearly all rabbit owners agree that spaying a female rabbit will make her a better pet.

Spaying reduces aggressive behavior and seems to increase cuddliness. That’s a pretty nice side benefit, right?!?!

Why Does Neutering Your Male Holland Lop Increase Lifespan?

This one is a little more tricky to answer. It’s generally agreed that neutering will increase your buck’s life expectancy, but not to the great extent experienced with does.

Neutering your Holland Lop Buck will increase his average lifespan to 8 to 10 years.

Neutering a male bunny rabbit increases his lifespan because of the reduced risk of testicular cancer, but that’s really not very common even in un-neutered bucks. It’s more likely that the increased lifespan experienced by neutered bunnies is related to less stress in their lives.

Risks and Other Benefits of Neutering Your Rabbit

One of the benefits of spaying your male bunny is behavioral just like for your female rabbit.

A neutered pet rabbit will be less aggressive, and much less likely to mark its territory (pee on things in your house).

With less aggression, it’s way less likely that your male rabbit is going to try to dominate other rabbits, other pets, or even you! As you can imagine, being a small animal but trying to act like a large animal, can get your rabbit in some sticky and stressful situations!

Likewise, having a rabbit intentionally marking its territory, which it shares with me, causes both me and him stress.

Less stress equals a longer life for rabbits and people.

Often neutering a male rabbit costs less than spaying a female rabbit, but you’ll need to call around to find out prices in your area. In my area, the cost of neutering a Holland Lop Rabbit ranges from $50 to $200.

2. Living Indoors Will Help Your Holland Lop Live Longer.

You’re not going to be surprised to learn that living indoors is going to increase how long your bunny lives.

There are so many advantages to living inside. Here are some of the biggest advantages, and you should consider how you can give some of the advantages to your outdoor bunnies.

  • More Stable Temperatures
  • Less Extreme Temperatures
  • Less Moisture In The Air and Less Wet Rabbits
  • Less Stress

3. Reducing Your Rabbit’s Stress May Increase Their Lifespan.

Stress isn’t healthy for any of us, including your bunny. But how can you reduce your pet rabbit’s stress level?

Provide a safe and secure home. Your bunny will be more relaxed if it knows that its home base is 100% safe. Don’t let your dog bark at your bunny in his cage, or let your cat try to smack the rabbit as it gets near the edge of the cage. If your bunny is outside, her home needs to be solid and secure from the dangers of predators. Home has to be safe!

Provide a warm dark bed. Bunnies prefer to sleep in burrows, which are holes in the ground that open into small bed-chambers. Most pet bunnies prefer a similar bed in their cages or hutches. If your bunny chooses to sleep out in the open, then you know that you nailed the “Provide a safe and secure home” suggestion.

Provide Food on A Regular Schedule. Not knowing where your next meal is coming from is a stressful situation. Your bunny will quickly learn the feeding schedule that you establish, and they can adapt to a schedule that fits your life. But once you establish that schedule, do everything you can to keep it!

Provide a Quality Diet. Like us, your bunny will live healthier and longer if they eat a high-quality diet. The staples of this diet should be clean timothy hay and high-quality pellets. Treats of fresh grasses and weeds are great for your rabbits’ health, but make sweet fruits a rate treat. Fruit is full of sugar, and just like us, too much sugar will make your rabbit fat and unhealthy which will leader to a shorter life.

Provide Mental Stimulation. Your bunny can get bored and even depressed without mental stimulation. Rabbit toys can help feel the hours that your rabbit is alone.

Provide Socialization. Rabbits normally live in groups, and if you keep a single rabbit then you need to make sure that you are part of its social group. That means that when you are home, you’re spending quality time with your rabbit. A lonely rabbit is a sad rabbit.

Provide Love. Well, if you’re providing everything above, you are obviously providing love to your sweet bunny. You got this.

Some Of My Favorite Rabbit Gear That May Increase Rabbit Life Expectancy

Here are links to some of my favorite rabbit gear on Amazon that might help you help your bunny live longer.

  • Safe & Secure Hutch. A safe and secure home increases the life expectancy of your bunny both through less stress and simple safety from predators.
  • Toys For Stimulation. Your bunny is going to get bored when left alone all day, so give them something to entertain and stimulate.
  • Quality Food. Bunnies thrive when fed a high-quality and varied diet.

If you’d like to see our recommended bunny gear which includes hutches, toys, and food, you can find that list right here on our website.


Conclusion About Your Pet Holland Lop’s Life Expectancy.

There are no guarantees about how long any of us or any of our pets will live.

While there is some comfort in knowing the average lifespan of your pet rabbit, always keep in mind that tomorrow is never guaranteed for any of us.

Enjoy every day with your beloved bunny, and don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow. That’s all any of us can do.



My name is Stacey Davis and my family has kept rabbits for decades. Here on RabbitPros.com we share our love of rabbits, our experience, and lots of research to help you enjoy your pet bunny even more.

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  1. 16 AND STILL KICKING!! I have a black male Holland lop I rescued from a back yard hutch when he was 8 years old when the owners were taking him to a kill shelter. It took him a few weeks to bond my female lion head rabbit who was 2 years old, but he used the litter box almost immediately and is a free roam house rabbit. He is a beautiful old man of 16 years young now!!! He has some problems hopping but he lives with his sister who is now 10!!! Love and watching closely for any eating or bathroom behavior changes and a strict 48 hour vet rule for any issues has kept him alive and happy!!!

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