Why Are Rabbits So Adorable - 30 Reasons Why Rabbits Are So Cute

Why Are Rabbits So Adorable – 30 Reasons Why Rabbits Are So Cute

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According to the market research of the American Pet Product Association (APPA), there are 2.5 million households in the United States with pet rabbits. Some of these households even live with multiple rabbits wracking up the estimated number of pet rabbits in the United States to 3 million. 

This number did not surprise me, and I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you. It’s a no-brainer why rabbits are popular because they’re so adorable!

There are multiple reasons why rabbits are so adorable. It’s hard to pinpoint just one reason. So let me count the reasons that rabbits are so adorable…we’ll even count the 30 reasons that bunnies are adorable.

So, why are rabbits adorable? Let me count the ways. 

Image of woman with pet bunny
Why Are Rabbits So Cute? – Photo Credit – Canva Pro

1. Rabbits Come In Different Sizes 

Rabbits come in different sizes such as dwarf, small, medium, and giant. Dwarf rabbits weigh under 3lbs. Small rabbits usually weigh 3.5 lbs at their heaviest and medium rabbits can weigh up to 10 lbs. Giant rabbits, however, can weigh over 15lbs. 

The different sizes of rabbits play to their advantage because whatever the needs of the owner, there is one rabbit that will fit their lifestyle. Dwarf or small rabbits will be perfect for pet owners who have lack space in their apartments or would feel intimated taking care of a large animal. 

Meanwhile, medium and giant rabbits are best suited for rabbit owners with large houses or wide backyards for rabbits to explore. These rabbits are also recommended for those who have more knowledge of rabbits and what rabbit ownership entails

However, whatever the size of the rabbits, they will always remain as an adorable, sweet-mannered companion that is easy to love. 

2. There Are Lots Of Rabbit Breeds 

While there are 50 to 75 recognized rabbits breeds, when you consider that mixed rabbit breeds are the most popular pet rabbit breed in the world, the actual number of rabbit breeds is endless.

The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) has listed 50 official rabbit breeds while the British Rabbit Council (BRC) has officially recognized 75 rabbit breeds. These are the two organizations’ updated numbers as of October 2021. The list only consists of domestic rabbit breeds. 

Most of these breeds come in a range of sizes. For example, Rex rabbits also come in a smaller size (Mini Rex). Pet owners never suffer from a lack of choice when it comes to choosing rabbits. For example, if you want a unique-looking rabbit, a Harlequin Rabbit and its distinct coat color pattern are perfect for you. 

If you’re looking for a rabbit breed that is as big as a small dog, then the Giant Flemish Rabbits are the perfect breed for you. It’s not wrong for me to say that you can think of any quirky, realistic characteristic right now and there would most certainly be a breed of rabbit that fits your description. 

You can even think of a rabbit with a horn! Yes, Jackalopes do exist… somewhat. But of course, these aren’t recommended house pets. 

Learn more about Jackalopes right here on Rabbit Pros in this article about rabbits with horns.

3. Rabbits Come In Different Coat Colors 

There are 45 different coat colors for rabbits. However, not all of these coat colors are available for every breed of rabbit. Some rabbits, like the Rex rabbits, come in sixteen coat colors. Interesting coat colors that are found in rabbits are the following: Agouti, Blue, Tan, and Steel. 

And those 45 rabbit coat colors don’t even include all of the countless variations possible with crossbred rabbits.

You can also think of one quirky color (or a combination)  and I’m sure that there is a rabbit somewhere that makes your imagination real. Some rabbits even come in combinations of two coat colors adding to their cuteness. 

The Himalayan Rabbit is one breed that is known specifically because of its unique coat patterns. The length of their body is as white as snow except for their noses, ears, and legs. These (pointed) parts are colored black, blue, lilac, and chocolate. These distinct patterns in their coat make them sure head-turners! 

A rabbit’s fur is often a bunny’s crowning glory. Aside from keeping them warm, they’re also adding to their adorableness by being adorably fluffy. What’s more, rabbit coats come in different shades of color like tan so whatever your tastes, there is a rabbit out there for you. 

4. Rabbits Are Active Animals 

Rabbits are crepuscular animals. This means that they are most active during dawn and dusk. They also usually sleep for 11 hours a day.  Because rabbits are often found sleeping in the morning, new pet owners have the misconception that rabbits don’t need exercise. Some even think they’re nocturnal. 

However, rabbits, especially adolescent rabbits, are quite active and curious animals. They’re not boring animals that would rather spend all their time in their cage. If you coop up a rabbit in their cage all day long they become lonely and resort to exhibiting bad behaviors. 

Rabbits would always need time of day to play and stretch out their legs. This also helps them explore and be more comfortable with you and their surroundings. Since rabbits are crepuscular, they are more active in the early morning and early in the evening. 

Playtime is also a great time to bond with your pet bunnies. You can watch them figure out their way through a cardboard maze or you can use this time to teach them some tricks.

Here is an article to give you some peace if you’re worried about your rabbit eating cardboard.

One thing is for sure though, exercise keeps your bunny healthy and it is also the space where they can showcase their adorableness in full, active glory. 

5. Rabbits Like Quiet Companionship 

Rabbits are active animals but they’re also prey animals. They are often characterized as skittish and nervous behavior, especially when they encounter loud noises or if they are put in loud environments. While it is true that rabbits need play, there is a correct way to play with bunnies. 

The truth is unlike your energetic golden retriever, rabbits won’t need to go on a long hike with you to exert all their pent-up energies. They also generally dislike loud noises. 

This is all because they are prey animals. When playing with your rabbits, they prefer to be in an environment that is quiet and calm. You also have to remember that chasing your rabbits wouldn’t be fun for them because only predators chase them. 

Instead, try to get down your rabbit’s level. You can do this by sitting down beside them or laying on your stomach in front of your bunny. Gently talking to your bunny not only soothes them but can also be therapeutic for you. 

You can try reading in a room while your bunny explores. This allows your bunny to familiarize themselves with their surroundings while associating your presence with a pleasant experience and thus facilitate a bond between you two. 

6. Rabbits Are Quiet

Elderly people who need their rest and families with newborn children or young kids are often discouraged from getting a pet because they tend to be loud. However, rabbits do not bark or meow and are perfect pets for families who value peace and quiet. 

This does not mean however that rabbits are extremely silent. It’s just that you won’t be bothered with noises if there are strange happenings outside or even when the mailman arrives. 

Rabbits do make some noise such as thumping their hind legs. They also make noises in their hutches when they jump around, sometimes even in the middle of the night when you wish your rabbit was sleeping. However, these noises are usually not loud enough to make their owners lose sleep or wake up slumbering babies. 

7. Rabbits Are Masters of Subtlety 

Rabbits are experts in subtle body language. For example, they’re good at hiding whenever they are in pain. This is because if they show that they are injured, then they become an easy target for predators. However, unraveling their many subtle body languages also adds to their cuteness. 

You can say rabbits are a bit mysterious. Female rabbits even more so! They tend to be very suspicious of humans and would need lots of consistent attention and love to gain their trust. 

However, there are many ways in which rabbits can tell you what they feel. They purr softly when they’re happy, they even flop on the ground when they feel extremely comfortable. It’s like a bunny melting into the floor! 

Rabbits even have habits and quirks that are unique to an individual and that set them apart from other bunnies. As you build a bond with your bunny, you will slowly get to know all of them in all their adorable (and sometimes weird) glory. 

Image of a rabbit studying a book
Why are Rabbits Cute? – Photo Credit – Canva Pro

8. Rabbits Are Smart  

Rabbits are smart. They need to be able to both outrun and outwit their many predators. This innate smartness makes rabbits easy to train. They can be trained to use litter boxes and digging boxes. They can also be taught to do multiple tricks. 

Rabbits are never boring pets. They have unique personalities that make them different from other bunnies and they have the intelligence that makes them more interesting. 

Rabbits can be trained to use litter boxes like cats and they can be taught countless tricks such as responding to their names, jumping through hoops, or even clearing multiple obstacles in an obstacle course! 

Rabbits are so good at this and are extremely adorable while doing it that Kaninhoppning (Rabbit Show Jumping) is an actual part of rabbits shows in Europe that is held for competitive bunny owners and their pets to determine who is the best and the fastest when it comes to bunny jumps. 

Here is a link to an article that details how smart rabbits really are.

9. Rabbits Are In The Guinness Book of World Records 

Rabbits have broken world records and have been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for their different adorable feats. Some of the titles that rabbits have won are the following: 

  • Oldest rabbit
  • Longest rabbit tail 
  • Longest rabbit living
  • Largest litter of rabbit 
  • Highest jump by a rabbit 
  • Longest jump by a rabbit 
  • Longest ears of a rabbit 
  • Most tricks performed by a rabbit. 

The Oldest Rabbit to have ever lived was is Flopsy. He was a wild rabbit that was caught on August 6, 1984. 

He was owned by L.B Walker of Langford, Tasmania, Australia and he died 18 years after he was caught. 

The Longest Rabbit Tail title is currently held by Daisy May, a Continental Giant. Her tail is currently measured to be longer than 12 cm, and she isn’t even fully grown yet! Coincidentally, Daisy May is also owned by Annette Edwards, the owner of Darius, the Longest Rabbit in the World. 

P.S. Flopsy, Daisy May, and Darious all made our list of the most famous rabbits in the world.

The Largest Litter of Rabbits consists of 24 baby bunnies. These were all born to two New Zealand Rabbits. One large litter was recorded in 1978 in Canada while the second large litter was recorded in 1999 in Cyprus. 

Two rabbits separately hold the title for longest and highest jump made by a rabbit. The Highest Jump made by a rabbit is proudly owned by Mimrelunds Tösen of Denmark. He awed everyone when he jumped 99.5 cm (39.2 in). 

Meanwhile, the Longest Jump made by a rabbit was achieved by a bunny called Yabo. He was able to jump 3 meters (9 ft 9.6 in) on Jun 12, 1999, in Denmark. 

Rabbits are also recorded to have adorably large ears. The Longest Ears on a Rabbit belong to an English Lop named Nipper’s Geronimo. This fluffy thumper has ears that measure 79 cm (31.125in).  

It is also a testament to rabbit smartness that they have a Guinness World Record for Most Tricks Performed by a Rabbit. Taawi was able to do 20 tricks in a span of a minute and has captured many hearts in the process. 

How to know if your bunny likes you.

10. Rabbit Fur Can Be Wooly, Velvet, and Satin. 

Rabbits are fluffy but their fur can also come in different varieties. Rabbits can have normal, fly-back fur and this accounts for 37 breeds of rabbits. However, some rabbits have special kinds of fur that are identified as wool, velvety, or even luxuriously satin. 

Normal rabbit fur is often described as fur that is roll-back or fly-back. This means that their fur immediately falls back into place when you stroke them. Most rabbits have this kind of fur such as the Californian Rabbit, Harlequin, Havana, English Lops, etc. 

However, some fluffy bunnies do not have normal fur. Instead, they have wool. The wool of these rabbits can be used to spin thread. Rabbit breeds with wooly fur are Angoras, the American Fuzzy Lop, and the Jersey Wooly. 

It doesn’t end there for rabbit fur varieties. Some breeds of rabbits are known to have luxurious fur that feels like velvet or satin. Velvet fur on rabbits means that their fur stands up straight rather than laying flat. The Rex rabbit and the Mini Rex have this kind of fur. 

Finally, Satin Fur on rabbits has a unique shine to them in addition to their smooth, and silky feel. The Satin rabbit is aptly named because of this distinctive feature. 

11. Rabbits Have  Cute Teeth 

Rabbit teeth are essential to their survival. They are used mainly used by rabbits to chew their food which helps them gain the energy they need to go through the day. Rabbit Teeth are also open rooted which means that they continuously grow. Rabbits have 28 teeth with 4 main incisors. 

When you think of bunnies, you probably think of their cute bunny teeth. In popular media, rabbits are always portrayed as cute carrot chewers. And this isn’t far from real life. Rabbits do like carrots and they are big chewers. It is not unusual to keep on seeing them chewing on hay every day. 

There’s nothing cuter than seeing rabbits and their chubby cheeks move while they chew away. But, it is important to know that rabbit teeth must be constantly trimmed to prevent them from getting too long and causing health problems to your bunnies. 

12. Rabbits Have Amazing Ears

Rabbits are also quite famous for their extremely distinct ears. Some rabbits have straight ears that stand on top of their heads while Lops are Rabbit breeds that have droopy ears that hang below their jaws. Rabbit ears aren’t just for vanity though, they are the rabbit’s thermoregulators. 

Sure, rabbit ears are cute. I mean who can resist those adorable droopy ears on English Lops or Holland Lops. However, rabbit ears are essential to their survival.

Rabbit ears are a series of veins that open or close in response to the outside temperature. To avoid overheating,  the veins in rabbit ears open up to release heat while they close so trap heat in their bodes during cold weather. 

Aside from these, rabbit ears can allow them to pick up sounds from long distances which proves helpful and essential for their survival. 

13. Rabbits Have Cute Tails 

Rabbits are also famous for their tails. Wild rabbits and most domestic rabbits have white tails. However, some domestic rabbit breeds have tails that are the same color as their fur. Regardless of their color, we can all agree that rabbit tails add to their adorable nature.

I have heard some of my friends and family get obsessed over their bunny’s tails. And I get it, those little pompoms on their bums are adorable. But did you know that those tails are notorious for helping them avoid predators? 

The white tails of wild rabbits might sound a bit weird cos it helps predators see where they are but once rabbits run, the whitetails confuse their predators thus letting them escape instead of becoming someone’s dinner. 

Domestic bunnies might not have the same problem. After all, they’re quite happily protected within the confines of our home but, their tails can still tell us a lot about how they feel. The wagging of their adorable tails is often a sign of annoyance. 

Now, you might say that’s weird, some pets wag their tails out of happiness. But’s that what makes rabbits special even in their annoyance, they never fail to prove how adorable they are.

I bet you have no idea how long rabbit tails really are. Take a guess and then head over to this article about rabbit tails that includes the world record for the longest rabbit tail.

14. Rabbits Do Not Stink 

Rabbits are very clean animals. They are similar to felines in how they both are very meticulous when it comes to grooming. Rabbits groom themselves throughout the day. They also groom each other, and maybe you, to show their affection. 

When a cute bunny licks its front paws and rubs their faces it quickly graduates from cute to adorable. I don’t know about you, but seeing my rabbits groom themselves in such loving ways never fails to make me smile. 

One reason that adds to the adorableness is the fact that they do not stink. Rabbits do not have a distinct body odor like other pets. If they’re not left alone frolicking in the muddy backyard you can bet that a healthy rabbit will never stink. 

15. Rabbits Are Easy to Clean Up After 

Rabbits might poop a lot throughout the day but rabbit pellets are round and hard. Those pellets are made up of undigested hay and they do not stink and are usually easy to clean up. Rabbits can also be trained to use the litter box which makes them even easier! 

Some people are discouraged from getting pets (even if they want to) because they think that cleaning up after their pets is a chore (and yucky). Fortunately, with bunnies, their fecal pellets are just made up of hay and during times that they produce cecotropes, they eat it, so you don’t have to clean it up. 

It is very easy to train rabbits to use litter boxes as well. Neutered and spayed rabbits will also not spray urine around so you don’t have to worry about your house stinking like rabbit pee. Rabbits might be adorable, but they’re also smart and they’ll make cleaning up after them a breeze as long as you train them well. 

16. Bunnies Are So Soft

Rabbits have soft and compact bodies. Experts generally describe most rabbit body types as egg-shaped. Their softness is because of their fur. 

I think one of rabbit softness just adds to their adorableness because it’s so amazing knowing something that is so soft, so seemingly fragile, and yet so amazingly athletic. Bunnies can jump around in boundless energies and they can even run around in fast, dizzying circles (called bunny binkying). 

There are so many layers to bunny personality and skills that you can’t simply peg them as soft, fragile, or skittish. Yes, they might do these things but they’re just not all these things. I love discovering their quirks, it’s a great adventure.  

17. Rabbits Are Loyal

Rabbits are social animals. They thrive and live healthier and happier lives by being a part of a family. They are often recommended to be kept in pairs, However, even if you can’t afford to raise two rabbits, as long as they bond with you, they will thrive. 

Some new pet owners often get frustrated with their bunnies, because some rabbits appear snobbish or scared at first glance. However, this is highly dependent upon the temperament and personality of the bunny. If your new pet is an adopted bunny, their past experiences also shape the way they interact with the world, including the way they interact with you. 

However, pet rabbits are special in that they learn to trust. It just takes consistency on our part, Rabbits do show affection to their owners. It is not unheard of for rabbits to like getting strokes from their owners. Some even learn to thrush their owners a lot that they allow themselves to be carried. 

The loyalty of rabbits knows no bounds as well. There has been news of rabbits who have saved their family from house fires and bunnies who have alerted their owners about dangers to their health. This speaks volumes about a rabbit’s loyalty.

18. Rabbits Are Affectionate 

Rabbits are affectionate in their own ways. They are social animals and love being around other rabbits and the people and other animals that they trust. However, not all rabbits will be immediately affectionate.

Female rabbits for example are more snobbish than male rabbits. Thus, consistent bonding time will help foster this bond. 

Some people might say that rabbits are not affectionate and this is a misconception. They are not affectionate the same way dogs are affectionate.

We have to remember that rabbits are prey animals so they show a different form of affection. 

Rabbits show affection by letting themselves be stroked. This mimics the act of grooming and in the rabbit kingdom grooming is a sign of affection. Some rabbits also show affection by jumping on your lap whenever you are near. It depends on your rabbit’s personality. 

19. Rabbits Have Long Cute Whiskers 

Another defining feature of rabbits is their adorable bunny whiskers. A rabbit’s whiskers help rabbits navigate spaces as it gives them spatial awareness. Their whiskers also help them investigate the things that are in front of them. 

If you think that whiskers are just for vanity then you’re not entirely correct. Rabbits can live without their whiskers but they will not be as well-oriented as they should be. Did you know that their whiskers even prevent rabbits from getting stuck in holes? 

Rabbit whiskers are the same as the width of their bodies thus when they try to enter tight openings their whiskers will give them an idea if they will fit. Their whiskers also help them find objects that are in front of their nose because they have a blind spot in this area. 

If you want to learn everything about rabbit whiskers start with this article.

Image of Holland Lop With Dewlap
Adorable Bunny Dewlap – Photo Credit – Canva Pro

20. Bunnies Have Dewlaps

These are the rolls or folds of bulging skins that can be found under a bunny’s chin and it is adorable. Dewlaps are commonly found in female rabbits., however, some males can have dewlaps. Dewlaps help female rabbits build their nests before giving birth. 

Bunny dewlaps are probably my favorite part of bunny anatomy. I love them so much! They just add another layer of cuteness to an already cute bunny. But, while dewlaps are adorable, they also have an important function. 

When bunnies are preparing to give birth, they need to build nests for their babies. The nest of bunnies is often lined with fur. The bunny dewlaps, because they’re bulging, are good places for bunnies to pluck out hair to use for their nests. 

Since dewlaps aid in birth, they are also good indications to gauge a rabbit’s sexual maturity (or cuteness!) 

21. Bunnies Have Large Soulful Eyes 

Not only do a bunny’s eyes add to its adorable nature, but they are also an important part of a rabbit’s anatomy. They help them clearly watch for predators from coming even from behind 

I have often heard my bunny friends describe their bunny’s eyes as soulful.

I agree!

Rabbit eyes are the cutest. They only get cuter when those dark eye bands like those on the Dwarf Hotot Rabbit. However, like the other parts of the rabbit they play an important part in their survival. 

If you notice, rabbit eyes are located at the sides of their head. This allows them to see predators from the back but also carried the disability of not being able to see what’s in front of their noses. Rabbits are also far-sighted enabling them to see predators from afar. 

22. Rabbits are Obsessed With Bananas 

Rabbits love bananas and it’s so adorable. They’re healthy treats to give rabbits in moderation. It is a good reward or treat during training. 

It is important however to note that a healthy rabbit diet should always consist of 80% hay, 10% leafy greens, and 10% pellets/fruits.

Rabbits are like candy to rabbits. They’re sweet and carby and perfect for munching.  I have owned some rabbits who would binky at the sight of a banana. It’s extremely adorable! There are nutritional benefits that rabbits can get from eating bananas, but too many bananas can be dangerous to them. 

Bananas are high in carbohydrates and a bunny diet should consist of large amounts of fiber. Eating too many bananas can cause weight gain. Chubby bunnies are cute sure but know that a healthy bunny is cuter. 

23. Bunnies Love Hay 

We’ve talked about so many things that make rabbits adorable, so I hate to say that this is the cutest trait of bunnies, but…

Nothing is cuter than a bunny munching on hay, and since hay makes up 80% of a bunny’s diet, they are constantly digging through their hay for the tastiest bit and munching happily away. Munching on hay is one of the things that your pet rabbit does all day long.

Rabbit diet must be composed of high fiber. Thus, they need to eat hay to survive. Rabbits need to be constantly eating because this is where they get their energy. Rabbits can eat a pile of hay the size of their body each and every day.

There’s nothing cuter than watching bunny chew things. I sometimes watch my pets chew their hay and it makes me giggle. How could something so cute exist?

Rabbits chew to live and they chew to keep their teeth trimmed. I for one would love to indulge their chewing habits (as long as they’re not chewing on wires). 

If your bunny isn’t eating lots of hay, here is a whole article with tips to get your rabbit to eat more hay.

24. Bunnies Can Play Toss and Fetch 

Rabbits love to play. Playing is a form of exercise for rabbits. This can also be the space where owners can bond with their pets. Two of the most common games that owners can play with their rabbits are toss and fetch. 

When rabbits are bored they often start to play with toys by picking them up with their mouth and tossing them in the air. This is extremely entertaining to watch and I find it reassuring too. Rabbits will only play if they are comfortable in their surroundings. Hence, a rabbit playing on their own means they’re happy. 

But you can also join in the fun. You might pick up toys, give them to your bunny and watch them toss them. Or you can also play reverse fetch. This is usually when you bunny nudges a ball towards you and you nudge it back to them. 

These are simple games, but it helps create that wonderful human-bunny bond. 

25. Bunnies Can Binky 

Bunny binky happens when they jump and twist their bodies. There is also a half-binky where bunnies twitch their head making their ears wiggle. A bunny binky only happens when they are happy or excited. 

There is truly nothing better than knowing we’re doing a good job in raising our pets. A bunny binky is one of the most tangible pieces of evidence one can have that their bunnies are happy. Sometimes a bunny loves to binky but other bunnies show their happiness in other ways. 

If you would like to see your bunny binky, you can try getting their jar of treats and showing it to them. This will make them excited and might show you a binky. 

26. Bunnies Can Purr

Bunnies purr. This is different from how cats do it. Rabbits make a purring sound by softly grinding their teeth together. They usually do this when they’re getting stroked or petted. 

Yes, rabbits can purr.

Rabbits don’t make a lot of sounds and even some pet owners are not aware that their rabbits can purr. The next time that you’re chilling with your rabbit, gently stroke their heads and listen if they’re softly grinding their teeth. That contented sound you will hear is your rabbit purring. 

27. Bunnies Can Thump 

Bunnies thump when they are annoyed or scared. In the wild, rabbits stomp their hind legs on the ground to alert other bunnies that there is danger nearby. Domestic rabbits often do this behavior if they feel scared or if they are annoyed. 

There is a reason why Thumper the famous rabbit is named after this rabbit behavior. I think it’s because rabbit thumping is cute. Of course, I don’t annoy my rabbits intentionally so they’ll thump but whenever they do so I find it cute anyway. 

It is still important however to check what might be bothering your rabbit because while thumping makes them look cute, you would also want them to not be stressed too much. 

28. Bunnies Can Do Sassy Hind Leg Flicks 

Bunnies also flick their hind legs. This is done when they quickly flick their hind legs together when jumping away. This is usually a behavior that they exhibit when they feel annoyed. 

Who knew bunnies can be so sassy? I’ve had bunnies who love to thump when annoyed but I’ve also met bunnies who just love giving hindleg flicks. There are many reasons why bunnies can become annoyed but whatever their moods, they are extremely cute. 

29. Bunnies Have Individual Personalities 

No two rabbits are exactly the same personality-wise, which makes them adorable. They are sweet-mannered, smart, and affectionate. However, they also have their own individual personalities dependent on their history or past experiences. 

Some rabbits might be more difficult to bond with but some rabbits might be so easy-going that they’re just instantly friends with everybody. I think that this adds to why rabbits are so endearing, they never fail to surprise me and their friendship is a privilege to have. 

Rabbit and chicken together
Rabbits And Other Friends – Photo Credit – Canva Pro

30. Bunnies Are Friendly to Other Pets 

Bunnies are social animals. They can bond well with other rabbits and other pets as long as they are well socialized and all of their play is supervised. We’ve seen rabbits become best friends with dogs, cats, parrots, and chickens.

You need not fear that your bunnies will not fit in with your other pets. Rabbits, especially neutered/spayed rabbits, are not known to be aggressive. You just need to give them time to get used to your other pets. 

They also need to build trust with each other. In time, you’ll have a furry family that you will surely love. 


I know this list can go to a hundred. There are so many reasons why bunnies are so adorable. But I’d like to ask you, what do you love best about your bunny? Let me know in the comments below.


My name is Stacey Davis and my family has kept rabbits for decades. Here on RabbitPros.com we share our love of rabbits, our experience, and lots of research to help you enjoy your pet bunny even more.

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